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INFOhio News Bulletin

Summer Fun with INFOhio’s Beach Bingo Challenge

Summertime is right around the corner! Extend student learning with fun summer learning activities and resources on INFOhio's Summer Learning page.

Challenge families and students to take INFOhio's Beach BINGO Challenge this summer to accelerate learning with fun activities and earn a badge and certificate to Show What You Know! Students can share their certificate and badge on social media with help from an adult by tagging @INFOhio on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #INFOhioWorks.

Share the URL or send the printed flyer home with students so they can keep the learning going all summer long! If you have any questions, INFOhio is always here to help at

INFOhio’s One-Day Conference: Instructional Materials Matter

On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, join INFOhio for Instructional Materials Matter. This one-day, no-cost online conference will provide information on Ohio’s plan for securing quality instructional materials that are freely available and accessible for each child:

· Keynote: Ohio Department of Education’s Paolo DeMaria, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Sherry Birchem, Director of the Office of Learning and Instructional Strategies

· Identify High-Quality Instructional Materials with EdReports and the RemotEDx Rubric

· Open Space: Harnessing the Power of Open Educational Resources

· Reimagine Your PreK–5 Classroom with Quality Materials from INFOhio

· Reimagine Your 6–12 Classroom with Quality

Materials from INFOhio

Registration is now open! All webinars during this one-day conference will be recorded and links will be posted. Follow this INFOhio news item for session details. Questions about this one-day conference? Contact INFOhio at

Monday Mini Lessons: Using INFOhio's Tools to Design Learning Experiences

The latest Monday Mini Lesson highlights the possibilities for building a curriculum—whether it be an engaging lesson, a complete unit, or full course—using resources found on INFOhio’s Educator Tools and Open Space platforms.

Check out the complete Monday Mini Lesson video to see how a lesson looks when these steps are applied. Read the the blog post to learn more about the six steps to design learning using pre-existing content found in INFOhio’s resources and web tools.

Watch INFOhio’s April Monday Mini Lesson: Using INFOhio Tools to Design Learning and reflect on how you can modify this lesson to use in your own teaching practice. Monday Mini Lessons have focused on various themes and practical applications for your teaching practice, using INFOhio’s licensed digital content. If you have questions or comments, INFOhio is here to help! Please contact INFOhio at

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