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Curated Collections Updated
Download the Strive for Syzygy flyer
to find them all.

Recordings Now Available for Lunch & Learn Webinar Series
Watch the recordings featuring a book talk on a professional learning title.

Take the INFOhio
?Summer Challenge
Extend student learning with fun summer activities and resources.

INFOhio ICoach Spotlight: Kimberly Carlson
Read about Kimberly's big ICoach win.

Spring Cleaning Using
Database Cleanup Reports
Discover INFOhio's favorite database cleanup report options.

April is School Library Month
School libraries and librarians provide vital services for their school communities
April is School Library Month. School libraries and school librarians provide vital services for their school communities. In addition to being a key ally in helping students develop and build literacy skills, your school librarian is your partner in curriculum evaluation and instructional materials curation.

For more than 25 years, Ohio’s school librarians have spent countless hours contributing their knowledge and expertise to the INFOhio project. This year alone, Ohio school librarians have curated multiple content packages on a variety of high need subjects and reviewed hundreds of instructional supplements, all to make it easier for Ohio educators to find the right resources for their students. 

To learn more about how Ohio's school librarians are supporting their colleagues and students, read The Power of School Libraries. Thank you, Ohio school librarians!

Erica Clay
Director of INFOhio

Curated Collections Updated:
?Quality Resources from INFOhio

With the recent purchase of more than 500 engaging eBooks for students on a variety of subjects, more than 50 streaming videos to support science and social studies, and dozens of additional eBooks to support educator professional learning, INFOhio has updated curated collections featured on the Strive for Syzygy flyer. All Ohio educators can access resources about artificial intelligence (AI), coding, computer science, drones, robotics, eSports, virtual reality (VR), and more. Find them all when you download the two-sided flyer. 
Download the Flyer
Recordings Now Available for the Lunch & Learn: Professional Learning Book Talks Webinar Series
Recordings are now available for INFOhio's five, 30-minute lunch and learns featuring a book talk on a professional learning title. In this series, learn about a highlighted professional learning eBook that can support educator growth.

INFOhio ICoach Spotlight:
Kimberly Carlson
Every quarter, INFOhio features the amazing work of INFOhio ICoaches across the state. Not only are INFOhio ICoaches trained to share INFOhio’s quality resources with their schools and districts, they are also champions of equity.
Kimberly Carlson is this quarter’s INFOhio ICoach Spotlight. Ms. Carlson shares that her “biggest win” as an ICoach was when a special education teacher shared that she now uses INFOhio with her students frequently after attending one of Ms. Carlson’s PD sessions. The teacher uses INFOhio to build background knowledge for her students to scaffold their learning and make lessons more engaging.
Take the INFOhio Summer Challenge
Summertime is right around the corner! Extend student learning with fun summer activities and resources on INFOhio's Summer Learning page. 
Challenge families and students to take the INFOhio Summer Challenge: Animals of the Ocean this summer to learn facts and do some fun activities all about ocean animals.

Share the URL or send the printed flyer home with students so they can keep the learning going all summer long!

Spring Cleaning Using INFOhio's Favorite
?Database Cleanup Reports
As the school year winds down, it’s time to think about prepping the library for summer break and planning how to leave the collection in the best shape for the fall. Cleaning up the collection after a busy year can be beneficial and alleviate stress when starting a brand-new school year. Read the blog to discover several of INFOhio's favorite library automation software reports that can help with database cleanup.

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Share with others in your building or school district who

may be unfamiliar with INFOhio and all it has to offer.

Introduction to INFOhio

Learning Pathway Class

Learn more about INFOhio, Ohio's PreK-12 Digital Library, with a wealth of resources available at no cost to Ohio students, parents, and educators. This class will help participants identify the resources with digital content and web tools available on the website, and learn to navigate the site easily. After successfully completing the final quiz, earn a certificate for two contact hours.

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Sharing Premium Content from INFOhio: What Link Do I Use?

Do you need a specific video, eBook, or article to supplement your curriculum that aligns with the content you are teaching? INFOhio provides quality instructional materials that can be easily shared with students, staff, and parents. Use this alphabetical list of INFOhio resources to see how to directly link to the licensed content.

Read the Blog

Logging In To Access Digital Content from INFOhio

INFOhio's licensed and purchased digital content is password protected to ensure it is accessible for Ohio teachers, parents, and students only. This video shows users how to log in if they are not authenticated. It also shows how to switch log in from the state user name and password to a district or school's specific user name and password.

Watch the Video

Teach & Learn with INFOhio: Digital Resources for a

Digital Age

This five-page flyer describes INFOhio's services, resources, and tools for transforming instruction and impacting learning. Select resources and tools are broken down by grade level. Print and share the full document.

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