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Early Childhood Education Programs

Early Childhood Education Grants

The Early Childhood Education Grant provides high-quality preschool services to eligible children in order to prepare children for success in kindergarten.   The state-funded grant is awarded to preschool programs who are required to provide comprehensive services that support a child’s growth and learning using developmentally appropriate practices.  The Region 12 SST supports educational staff with technical assistance, coaching, and professional learning opportunities to assist with programing through the Early Childhood Education Grant.

FY-2020 Grantee Manual for Early Childhood Grantees

The Early Childhood Education FY24 Grantee Manual is a comprehensive policy document providing information about program requirements, child and family eligibility requirements, budget and fiscal guidance, and reporting and monitoring requirements. The intended audience of the manual is administrative staff of Early Childhood Education (ECE) Grant-funded programs who are responsible for enrolling children, maintaining required documentation, submitting program, staff and child data, and preparing and submitting budget and fiscal information.

2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines

The 2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines are utilized as part the eligibility process for the Early Childhood Education Program.  These guidelines are updated each year.

Early Childhood Education Grants Child Eligibility Approval Policy

The Early Childhood Education Grant Child Eligibility Approval Policy  explains grantees shall enroll eligible four-year-olds in their communities and shall not “hold slots” or create waiting lists for children younger than four years of age.  This policy outlines details regarding enrollment and other procedures related to the grant.

Early Childhood Care & Education Videos

OLAC recently launched four new videos related to early childhood care and education, including:

Learning For Early Childhood Care and Education

This module bridges the division in its treatment of early care and education leadership. In particular, it takes the view that elementary principals—who in Ohio need to have no experience or training in ECE or childcare—have something to learn from those outside the school system who care for children from birth to age 3 or 4. And, it also recognizes that school principals can help promote the position that society needs to direct much more attention and resources to the care of young children and their families. Explore Module
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