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Appalachian Children's Coalition 8/19/2020

 The Appalachian Children's Coalition has been making some great strides for students and families in our region.  Take a look at an excerpt from their news letter and for more information, visit their website at
Our Coalition has been working hard to create change in Appalachian Ohio. Below we've listed some of our top accomplishments to date. Stay tuned for more amazing work from our dedicated members.

  • Created a first-of-its-kind trans-regional, cross-sector effort focused on the unique, significant mental and behavioral health needs of children in Appalachia, including a significant majority of Southeast Ohio’s Educational Service Centers and ADAMH Boards, and other stakeholder groups, including the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools, and AOP-20. This cross-sector membership allows for the sharing of best practices and relationship-building across mental health care and educational institutions.
  • Worked with the Ohio Department of Education to apply for a $2 million grant to support the hiring and retention of child behavioral health specialists in the region’s schools.

  • Accepted an invitation from the Governor’s Office of Children’s Initiatives to submit recommendations around the needs of kids, educators, and mental health professionals tied to COVID. Produced and submitted a compendium of information that will provide short term funding opportunities, and that lays the groundwork for longer-term advocacy and state appropriations to the region’s K-12 educational and mental health needs.

  • Set up a 501(c)3, fiscally sponsored by Hopewell Health Centers, which includes two former Ohio Governors as Board members.  
  • Advocated successfully on behalf of the regions' schools to two former governors, which led Gov. Mike DeWine’s administration to decide to expand broadband services to students without requiring school districts to match the grant funds.

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