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Staff Expense Report (taken from draft Policies and Procedures FY18) An Expense Report should be submitted for hotel reimbursement, meals and other reimbursable expenses when traveling. These forms should be submitted at least once per month. See guidelines below: Hotel Reimbursement: Nightly maximum allowance for a hotel room is $150, if exceeding this amount approval is required from director prior to booking. When contacting the hotel either by phone or researching via email, request the STATE EMPLOYEE RATE. You may need to show your SST ID badge upon arrival if requested. Food Reimbursement: Meals are reimbursed for overnight travel only. Daily allowance is $40.00. Remember to be a good steward of the public’s funds and use good judgment on expenditures in this category. Reimbursements are for meals only (no candy, gum, etc.) Miscellaneous Reimbursement: Miscellaneous expenses such as parking fees, taxi fees, or other items should be listed separate from hotel and food. SUBMIT ORIGINAL ITEMIZED RECEIPTS. If your receipt is not itemized, you will not be reimbursed. You must submit the original receipt, not a copy. Directions for filling out the Staff Expense Report Enter your name on the appropriate line. Enter the first date of the event that you attended. Enter a Description of the Event such as a title or other information under the category of description of expense. Enter the amount of lodging you are requesting reimbursement in the lodging category. Enter the amount of meals and tips you have submitted original itemized receipts for in the meals and tips category. Enter any miscellaneous costs associated with the expense in the miscellaneous category. The U.S.$ will self-populate with the total amount of reimbursement. Once you have completed your expense report, save the form on your computer. Print one copy out and sign it. Submit the form to the administrative assistant for review and to have it signed by the director. To process expenses on a timely basis, you should submit expenses at least once per month.
Timeline for submission: This form should be emailed or submitted to Lead Administrative Assistant as soon as you know of a training but no later than 6 weeks before first training. Form Section Explanations: Title of Professional Learning: It should be short and to the point. Name of Presenter(s): Please list all the names of SST Consultants that will be presenting or national or guest speaker including title and organization, if applicable. Lead Consultant and Lead Administrative Assistant: List one SST Consultant that will be in charge of materials and also the Lead Administrative Assistant listed for your project (See Project Leads document). Event Date(s) and Snow Date: Specify day of the week along with the month, date and year. Registration Deadline: Should occur about 7 days before training. Sign In Time: This should be ½ hour before start of training. Start and End Time of PL: time of day and specify am or pm Location: For the locations use the full name of the location as well as address. If you need Lead Administrative Assistant to secure the location, then put the general area of the region you would like to target or the ESC closest to the area. Maximum number of participants: List the max that you would like the space to accommodate as you consider the content and delivery style of your PL. Contact Hours: The number of hours listed on Professional Learning Certificate. If a multiple series, please note that the total number of contact hours should be calculated and the certificate will be given at the final meeting. Include whether you want name tags or name tents or both. Description of Professional Learning: No more than 3 sentences that tells exactly what the PD is about. Objectives: No more than four. Always start with an action verb. Participants: Who is this PD for? Use titles such as teachers, superintendents, special education directors, principals, preschool supervisor and specify grade level (if for teachers or principals-pre-k, elementary or high school) Special Instructions: If participants need to bring things such as an electronic device or certain materials, briefly explain what they need to bring. If an OCCRRA training, list the AT# associated with the training.
Submit full packet for review at least 3 weeks before the event.
Purchase Orders for Miscellaneous Supplies/Items (taken from draft Policies and Procedures FY18) Purchase orders (P.O.) will be generated based upon the availability of funds. Requests may be denied if funds are not available. Purchase orders must be obtained prior to the service or purchase is made. SST Consultants will not be reimbursed for any service or purchase if it has been made prior to obtaining a P.O. All purchase order requests need to go through the Director’s office. Requests for purchase orders must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event or services to an administrative assistant. Directions for filling out the Purchase Order Request Form Enter your name on the appropriate line. Enter the current date on the date line. Enter the date needed by on the line. For each item enter the following: · Quantity the total number of units needed · Unit number of items within each unit, i.e., 12 reams of paper is one unit · Vendor list the vendor’s name · Catalog/Part# (list the item number that is attached to the item · Description The name of the item as listed in the catalog or online · Unit Price The price of one unit · Item Total The price of all the units. Leave the Fund blank for the director’s use. Add comments if needed and then submit to administrative assistant to review before the director approves the items.
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